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Since 2008, TEKNOLOGIX has provided customers in Lebanon and the Middle East with well-developed concepts and implementations for turn-key smart automation solutions.
The basis of our reliable solutions is the well-trained and networked team, which values constant further training. A large amount of experience with existing technologies and quick acquisition of brand-new tools make it possible for TEKNOLOGIX to repeatedly gain decisive benefits for market leaders in the following industry sectors:

Food and beverage

Concrete batching


Cranes and elevators

Paper and carton

1. Digital Factory

The future of our industry is shaped by the innovations emerging from “Digital Transformation”.
In this era, where resources are becoming more scarce, energy cost is constantly increasing and more demanding regulations are imposed, optimizing processes and production performance becomes a necessity for any industry to survive these challenges and ensure that the product reaches the end user on time and in best condition with a competitive price.
TEKNOLOGIX has implemented turn-key SCADA and MES systems for market leaders in various industries in Lebanon and the Middle East region. We have several success stories in the fields of:

  • Plant performance analysis where the greatest challenge is in collecting the raw information generated by machines on the field level and transforming it to useful information and drawing the right conclusions accordingly. Reports can either be generated using our standard templates for OEE and other KPI’s or customized to specific industry requirements
  • Energy Management System combined with utilities monitoring to generate consumption reports for power, fuel, steam and compressed air consumption in compliance with ISO 50001 regulations
  • Batching and recipe management using ISA 88 standards
  • Preventive maintenance where work orders are automatically generated and managed according to actual machine operation information captured in real-time.
  • Condition Monitoring based on IIoT smart sensing technologies and predictive analytics algorithms.
  • Workspace Optimization using RFID and RTLS technologies.

2. Industrial Automation

Industrial automation has formed the backbone of TEKNOLOGIX since 2008.
With a team of skilled programmers, we deliver tens of automation projects every year serving various industries that are using different PLC platforms from:


The real challenge in automation is that every project is a special application by itself, still we can classify some of the typical applications:

  • PLC migration from SIEMENS S5 to S7
  • Food process automation such as CIP, mixing and batching systems
  • Machines automation mostly involving turn-key overhaul projects that include PLC, HMI and motors retrofit
  • Concrete plants batching process

3. Motion Control and Robotics

The new generation of robots and motion control components offers significant advantages not only for large industries but to many small and mid-sized enterprises as well.

Today, it’s easier than any time before to implement a robotic or motion control solution due to the fast payback of your investment and improved components reliability.

TEKNOLOGIX offers turn-key motion control solutions where conventional mechanical systems (such as cam profiles, 4 bar mechanisms…) are replaced with servo motors where synchronization is performed using advanced motion functions.

When it comes to robotics, our team has designed and built customized parallel manipulators used for driving simulators and other pick and place applications.

Success Stories

SMLC – Pepsi Cola Lebanon

Teknologix used zenon software from COPADATA

to implement a comprehensive data acquisition and line management solution for five beverage production lines, one for returnable bottles, two with PET bottles and two with cans.

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