Teknologix offers "Plant Management Tools" an engineering tool provided for managers to analyze plant performance and the quality control. "Plant Management Tools" periodically collects data from individual machines, archives and automatically generates production reports at the end of each batch. 

Batch reports are taylored to specific customers' requirements which can include:

  • Process information (temperature, conductivity, pressure...) presented in charts and trends including statistical information (Min, Max, Mean, Standard deviation...).
  • Performance indicators such as OEE, MTTR, MTBF... as well as production times, counters, consumption... 

Our knowledge in the industrial sector combined with our wealth of experience in PLC programming with the most known brands has given us a long list of success stories in controllers migration, panels conversion as well as new machines programming within a relatively short period of time, and in most of the industrial sectors.

Our engineers are highly trained and specialized in the programming software from:



Electronic synchronization and motion control has become the core of many manufacturing processes due to the remarkable reduction in mechanical components which results in improved machine performance, reliability and maintenance time.

TEKNOLOGIX has a long list of success stories in motion control applications such as electronic cam, gear and flying shear which we have implemented in machines upgrade as well as in building totally new models.



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We design, assemble and commission completely new panels for power and control industrial applications taylored to specific customers' requirements. For old machines we offer panels overhaul and upgrade relying on our wealth of experience in different industrial sectors.

We implement IEC standards for panels design and we deliver our panels with a complete set of wiring diagrams according to IEC regulations.